Cruise Operations

St. Petersburg is a real “pearl” of the Baltic and cruise business is booming in the city.

M&B has successfully handled a Japanese cruise ship with 1000 passengers onboard and several groups this summer.

M&B is a fully licensed company, which is entitled by the Russian government to arrange Visa – Free Entry for the cruise passenger, who can stay on the Russian territory for up to 72 hours without visa under the condition, that the cruise passengers participate in the tours, arranged by M&B, and pass the immigration/customs offices with a tour ticket, issued by M&B, introducing to the authorities a valid passport and a migration card, received onboard, as well.

Essentials to Remember:

Cruise passengers are required to depart and return to the ship with the tour and have no option to stay in St. Petersburg and return to the ship on their own.

Indeed cruise passengers may disembark independently, if they have a valid Russian visa, which can be arranged by M&B.

A Special Note

Cruise passengers are free to use M&B as an authorized local travel operator (not only cruise ship companies visa-free shore tours


Passenger Port of Saint Petersburg is the first and only specialized passenger port in the North-West of Russia and also the largest one in the Baltic region. The Port is located on the reclaimed territories of Vasilievsky Island. The port complex includes seven berths with a total length of 2,171.06 meters, three cruise terminals and one combined cruise-ferry terminal. Passenger port of Saint Petersburg can receive cruise ships of up to 340 meters in length. The port:

  • Voted Baltic’s best cruise port
  • Capable of accommodating up to16 cruise ships at a time Port and city embankments
  • Modern terminal facilities for embark, disembark, check in, luggage and provisions
  • 10 minutes from the city center
  • Short distance to airport
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